Step 1. Selection of Interest Area

In step 1, the user opens the application and is presented with the following interest areas:

  • Checklist of considerations to make with respect to EU state aid rules when developing RIS3
  • European Commission’s guidelines and regulations on State Aid
  • Legal Basis
  • State Aid Expenditure in member states
  • Online submission of complaints about State aid control
  • Information about financing opportunities through jointly managed EU funds
  • Frequently Asked Questions and Answers related to State Aid
  • Relevant online tools
  • Selected scholarly literature about State Aid (2010-onwards)
  • Free Videos and MOOCs related to State Aid

The user selects the interest area he wishes to access and selects the respective link, for example ¨State Aid Expenditure in member states¨:





















Figure: Step 1 for using this ONLINE S3 application


Step 2. Selection of links of interest through a pool of relevant recourses.

Once the user has selected the interest area they wish to access and selects the respective link, a drop down menu appears right below. This menu includes links to websites, applications, libraries, scientific publications and training recourses related to the area of interest. The user selects the specific resource they want to access under the interest area of their choice (for example ¨State Aid Scoreboard 2016¨ in the previous instance), and is directed to the original source. There, he can access the requested information:




























Figure: Step 2 for using this ONLINE S3 application


Step 3. Relevant data collection and design of Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) State aid compliance framework (offline).

Based on above recourses and, a framework on the use of State aid in support of smart specialisation can be designed.